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HOT & FAST is turning out to be a true statement! Our first 100 hamburgers ever sold were gone in TWO MINUTES this morning. We're so thankful for your support and can't wait for so many people to get their first taste of a Harriet's Hamburger tonight. If you missed out, stay tuned for an announcement about our next preview day (with more hamburgers!).

Giveaway Details

1. One lucky winner will see a Golden Lightning bolt underneath their hamburger wrapper. 

2. If you’re the lucky winner, be sure to take a happy picture with the golden lightning bolt and email it to to redeem your year’s worth of FREE hamburgers! 

3. Years worth of FREE Hamburgers is defined as one Hamburger Meal (Hamburger, Fries and Soda Pop) once per month, for the next 12 months! Redemption starts Sept. 2020 and run thru Aug. 2021 

Harriet's Hamburgers Best Burger.png
Harriet's Hamburgers Famous Hamburgers.p
Harriet's Hamburgers Crispy Fries.png

once per month, for a year!



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